Board & Staff

Casa de Board of Directors

The board of Casa de Fe consists of those who care deeply for the mission and vision of this organization. They have been involved for many years and have given countless hours in service to Casa de Fe. 

  • Patti Sue Arnold, President
    Patti Sue Arnold, President

    Patti Sue is a retired chief warrant officer with three combat campaigns. She is the mother of three sons and five grandchildren. She first came to Ecuador in 2000, where she lived in Quito. She moved to Shell in 2003 with two Ecuadorian foster children. Within three weeks of moving to Shell, she received another foster child from a local hospital. This was the unofficial start of Casa de Fe. In 2005, the Ecuadorian foundation of Casa de Fe(Foundation Casa de Fe) was legally formed. At this time, there were 19 children. From that time to the present, Casa de Fe has cared for over 400 children. Patti Sue is the president of the Board of Casa de Fe as well as the president of Hope Extended, a US non-profit organization. Her passion has always been for special needs children but she also sees a need for a home for young girls. Patti Sue can be reached at (601)-990-6805 or at

  • Numa Muñoz
    Numa Muñoz

    Numa Munoz was born and raised in Puyo. He first went to seminary in Ambato to become a priest. He was eventually removed from the school because he questioned the faith. He went to work after high school in a laboratory doing blood tests Numa married Laura when he was 26, at which time he entered university to become a lawyer. He studied for a total of six year which resulted in three degrees including political and economic science and law to become a court lawyer. His final degree was a doctorate in law.

    Numa and Patti Sue worked together to form the Foundation Casa de Fe in 2005. He has always been involved in some way with the Foundation. Numa’s work has been to address all the legal situations of Casa de Fe. This work includes making sure all permits for the Foundation are in order, does the legal work for institutional foster care, assists with adoptions and oversees the team of technical people such as psychologists and social workers at Casa de Fe. He is passionate about the fact that he was with Casa de Fe from the beginning until now. He lives and breathes Casa de Fe. Casa de Fe is his child.

  • Laura

    Laura is a 54 year old mother and grandmother who was born into a Christian family. For this blessing, she is forever grateful to God. She has six brothers and sisters of which she is the youngest. Laura is married to Numa who is the attorney for Casa de Fe. Laura worked for the hydroelectric plant in Banos. Later, she worked as the personnel manager in charge of payroll and scheduling of the Pastaza provincial court system. In this position, she came to understand stress in the work place. Laura is one of the longest serving people at Casa de Fe. She became a member of the local operating Board nearly eleven years ago. She thanks God for the opportunity to work at Casa de Fe. She sees all the children as her own children. She especially like to teach them crafts because this is a personal interest for her. She wishes to see all children guided to the Lord and wants them to have God in their lives. A great hope of Laura is that the children will learn to become independent people while at Casa de Fe. Laura would like to thank everyone for their generous donations to Casa de Fe which makes Casa de Fe able to work for the objectives of the institution