The Basics

Sponsorship is currently set at $45 US/month and this will help contribute to the incredible cost of providing food, clothing, education & school supplies and medical care for each child. Sponsors will be able to share emails, pictures and other files with their sponsored child.    We are very much looking forward to the rewards of facilitating long-term relationships between children and people that desire to invest in Casa de Fe.

The Commitment

We are asking that sponsors register with a commitment of sponsoring their child for a minimum of two years. We believe this will be best in terms receiving consistent payments, but more importantly in terms of fostering relationships with the children. We understand that unforeseeable circumstances may arise and make this commitment more difficult, or even impossible, to fulfill, however, we encourage you to contact Kirk Bemis at bemisfamily@lacasadefe.org, before cancelling a sponsorship, to explore your options and/or to make sure all of your previous payment records are in order.

Choosing A Child

We have decided that, due to the transitory nature of some of our children’s stays at Casa de Fe, children will not be made available for sponsorship until they have lived here for a minimum of six months. Also, there are a few situations with children who have been with us for a number of years that have made them unavailable.

If you do not see the child you were interested in sponsoring, it is either because they have the obtained the current limit of sponsors or we have assessed their situation and decided to not make them available for sponsorship at this time. We encourage you, however, to consider sponsoring a different child as there will always be some available.

 How does Casa de Fe ensure that my support actually benefits the child I sponsor?

CdF works through donations to assist children. Because we average about 60 children at any given time, the local staff can become personally acquainted with each sponsored child and his or her unique needs. Sponsorship support for children at Casa de Fe is combined and managed to provide for the needs of all children.


Please set up your payments using PayPal, as digital records of money will be the easiest way for us to track the flow of funds. Payments should be automatic and you will be charged the first month’s payment upon registration. However, please check your accounts to confirm this happened correctly. Your next payment will be withdrawn next month on the same calendar day (i.e. If you register on April 17th, 2013, you will be charged $45 for April and then your next payment with occur on May 17th, 2013 for May).

Funds for the sponsorship program will be routed through our US sending agency, ACCI . American sponsors will receive tax receipts for their contributions from ACCI, but as of yet, we don’t have this option for sponsors who live outside of the States.

The distribution of funds is as follows. From the funds donated, ACCI receives 5% of the total donation. Paypal processing fees account for 3%, and 92% of your contribution goes directly to Casa de Fe to care for children.

Communication With Your Child 

It is our desire that there be regular updates about sponsored children – letters/emails, scans of artwork, photos, etc.  The amount of information provided for each child, however, is directly related to the hours of volunteer help that we recieve to run the program. As of now there are no volunteers currently involved with child sponsorship.  If you would like to send your child a letter via email we will, however, do our best to insure a prompt response from your child.